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Are you a sugar addict?

There is often a reason for sugar cravings and it lies in the lining of your intestines.

It is called “gut dysbiosis” and is caused by one or more factors….either food allergies, intestinal parasites (eek!), or a hormonal imbalance.

It is best to have yourself tested here at the clinic. The tests are not done through Medicare centres, and are very specific to diagnosing the underlying causes of sugar cravings, abdominal bloating, unexplained tiredness, mood swings, and even skin problems

Another reason why sugar becomes addictive is that the body gets used to producing large amounts of insulin to remove it from the blood. Eventually the insulin isn’t effective anymore. The body begins to suffer from low energy, apathy, the shakes, and mood swings. These are due to hypoglycaemic epsiodes.

Did you know that a slice of bread on its own converts immediately to sugar once eaten?! Doughnuts of course are even worse!

In the meantime try to opt for meals and snacks that have a higher protein ratio to carbs and sugars.

Book in for a consultation with Deirdre to review diet, recipes, treatment and tests, so as to create a whole “New You”!



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