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2018-11-02 (4)

Mindful Breathing

Whether you fear change or the possibility of “blowing it,” slow down the physiological aspects of fear.

Try mindful breathing. Mindful breathing will slow down your body and help you cope. Use this technique when you hear your mind say Why bother? Or when it is caught up in other fear-driven thoughts.

As each breath comes and goes, turn your attention to it in a non-judgemental way. Don’t try to make it go faster or slower. Just watch it.

Notice any thoughts that pop into your mind as you do this. Pay attention to how breaths come and go and dissolve away like smoke.

If your attention drifts away, that’s okay. Patiently bring yourself back.

Notice your chest rising and falling

Feel the warmth of the air as it goes in and out of your nose.

Repeat several times.

After doing this, how do you feel? Relaxed, more at ease?

This is an exercise out of a little book I love from Susan Albers – “But I do deserve this chocolate”

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