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Rachel's Hormone Story

Posted by Deirdre Parkinson on 26 February 2019
Rachel's Hormone Story
Rachel (not her real name) came to see me feeling really desperate for help with her hormones and unwanted weight gain. She had gained an extra spare tire around her waistline, and her bra size had increased from a 12 to a 14. Since menopause she had gained nearly 10 kilos in the past year, from a lithe 58kg to heavy 68kg. She was concerned about this because her diet was generally a healthy one, and she exercised regularly. She had not changed her lifestyle or diet but now she was having...
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The Role of Preventative Medicine for Obesity, Diabetes and Old Age

Posted by Cassia Wellness Clinic on 25 February 2019
The Role of Preventative Medicine for Obesity, Diabetes and Old Age
"The greatest health is wealth" quote by Virgil. These are the words of one of Rome's greatest poets, who lived from 70BC to 19BC. Who would have thought that all those thousands of years ago, a poet would be extolling the virtues of preventative health? He died at 50 years of age, and so I would say he did a good job of looking after himself, considering the life expectancy of that era. Today we have a longer life expectancy thanks to the marvels of surgery, the aid of ph...
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety and the "Mauve Factor"

Posted by Deirdre Parkinson on 11 February 2019
Did you know that depression, anxiety, unexplained mood disorders and also chronic fatigue can be caused by a simple vitamin deficiency? What is "Mauve Factor?" Mauve Factor is the nick name given to a disorder known medically as kryptopyroluria.  People with this condition are unable to make their own "happy hormones" such as serotonin because they cannot properly utilise vitamin B6. This vitamin, and Pyridoxine 5 Phosphate, are the nutritional building blocks ...
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No Cook, Dairy Free Black Bean Choc Fudge

Posted by Deirdre Parkinson on 10 February 2019
There's no doubt that Fudge is a high favourite for anyone with a sweet tooth. However it is very high in sugar, and if you've been diagnosed with a dairy allergy or need to lose weight, this alternative recipe might do the trick. You would never believe there are black beans in them! As a legume, black beans are a good source of protein which reduces the craving for snacking, builds muscle, and helps balance hormones. The high fibre content in this recipe keeps the bowels regular...
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Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

Posted by Manuela Boyle on 9 February 2019
Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of your alarms, excited and happy to start a new day. When you look in the mirror you admire your body. Everyone tells you how great you look and asks what your secret is. Sound too good to be true? If you, like many other women, don't feel this way, you may have a hormonal imbalance. Research has demonstrated that over 40 percent of women have an undiagnosed underactive thyroid gland. If you feel tired all the time, crave sugar, use alcoho...
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