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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety and the "Mauve Factor"

Posted by Deirdre Parkinson on 11 February 2019

Did you know that depression, anxiety, unexplained mood disorders and also chronic fatigue can be caused by a simple vitamin deficiency?

What is "Mauve Factor?"

Mauve Factor is the nick name given to a disorder known medically as kryptopyroluria.  People with this condition are unable to make their own "happy hormones" such as serotonin because they cannot properly utilise vitamin B6. This vitamin, and Pyridoxine 5 Phosphate, are the nutritional building blocks of serotonin.

How do we test for it?

Kryptopyrol testing is specifically useful for the treatment of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), depression, mood swings, bipolar, and associated conditions where there is unreasonable fatigue, poor immunity, and mental/ emotional disorders. It tests for your needs for extra vitamin B6 and or zinc. It is done by the Pathology Laboratories. We give you a request form for it so that you can go straight to a specific Pathology Centre for the test.

How is it treated?

Treatment depends on the level of kryptopyrols found in the laboratory test.It may take up to 4 months to correct the deficiencies and notice improvements in symptoms. It is worthwhile to retest after 6 months of treatment.

Treatment requires higher doses of B6, Zinc and P5P than is normally prescribed. The doses depend on how high the levels of pyrrols are in the test. A higher dose of Vitamin B6 is essential.

Conservatively I am prescribing 50mg P5P twice a day for 2 months and then reducing to once a day for maintenance. P5P is water soluble and therefore needs constant replenishing for those who cannot metabolize B6 naturally.

Zinc needs also vary from pstient to patient, depending on how well their digestive system is.  Zinc Picolinate is also required in extra amounts because, like B6, it also binds to the pyrrols to assist their excretion from the body. But because too much zinc can be toxic, it is best to test each patient to see how deficient they actually are. Some of the symptoms of pyrroluria are actually symptoms of zinc deficiency. These are symptoms related to recurrent infections, poor immune defence, poor gut function and leaky gut, weak hair, skin problems, poor wound healing, weak nails,and many others.

Magnesium glycinate is also often needed. Magnesium is another common deficiency with this condition.  This is because magnesium needs B6 and Zinc for it to be metabolised. Deficiencies of this mineral are responsible for the symptoms of muscle cramps, pain, anxiety, hypertension, and digestive disorders. Magnesium has 300 known important functions in the body.

Omega 6 fatty acids are also needed. Paradoxically it is the omega 6, that are needed more than the commonly prescribed omega3 fatty acids. These are best found in nuts and seeds, and in oils such as olive oil, but do not cook it. Add it raw to salads or soups and casseroles.

Many patients wonder why pyrrol sufferers can't get these nutrients from food. It is either a genetic inability to metabolise B6, or it may be the result of injury to the body's metabolic processes caused by previous infections, viruses, parasites, heavy metal poisoning, pesticide poisoning or just plain poor diet and long term stress. Of course, it is probably a combination of a genetic weakness that is activated by an infection, virus parasite, toxic poisoning etc.

Ultimately is the gut that needs treatment. Toxins need clearing from the gut, the intestinal membrane needsrepair to reverse leaky gutsyndrome, and there has to be restoration of the probiotic population. Digestion needs to be optimum as well; otherwise all the good work will be reversed back to square one! Food allergies often develop and need to be diagnosed and treated.

Besides gut function, it is also essential to correct the hormonal balance between the adrenal glands, thyroid, and pituitary gland. Adrenal fatigue is most always evident with CFS, depression, and Mauve Factor. Herbal and nutritional medicine, plus homeopathics are the best answer for this.

The changing cycle of symptoms and healing

In treating Mauve factor, poor gut function, and adrenal fatigue, a vicious circle or domino effect ensues. This is why the whole problem of CFS and depression is not a quick fix with a simple bottle of pills, but a continuous and constant detective work to chase the causes of the symptoms as they change with treatment.

CFS and depression are both frustratingly difficult to cure. It is not a simple condition caused by just one factor. Every CFS or depression sufferer is different. Pyrroluria is only one of the possible causes. However it may be a big factor due to its effects of the 3 major nutrients that the body functions upon, i.e. B6, Zinc, and magnesium. Of course, it is best to try to avoid the need for countless bottles of pills. It is more important to use diet analysis and lifestyle analysis to give the body a chance to function at its most optimum. However, in the case of "Mauve Factor", extra supplementation is imperative.

Yours in health and wellbeing!


Author: Deirdre Parkinson
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