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Can Meditation techniques help you lose weight? Balance your hormones? Reduce stress and fatigue?

The answer is a definite YES!

Many people have the problem of keeping the weight off after they have been on a weight loss program.

Their program has succeeded in helping the person shed unwanted weight making them feel healthier and more energised.

But with a large amount of people the weight eventually returns and often their eating habits return to the cravings and binges they had before.

So what is going on? Most diets and weight loss programs are too over focused on the body’s biochemistry and not on the state of a person’s emotions and thoughts.

Research shows that stress, anxiety and negative thinking will all cause the body to think it is in danger and fat is often the protective barrier that the body uses to stay safe.

We know how certain hormones are over produced when there is stress in our nervous system, again causing the body to crave sugar and fats. We also know how the fight and flight syndrome will cause the stomach to shut down, digestion and the adrenal glands to produce more adrenaline and cortisone and for the blood to become thicker, the heart beats faster and the breathing quicker. The system is preparing to run or fight.

If there is no relaxation then the system just keeps using up resources in preparation of pending dangers.  Spread this over years and the body wears down and aging accelerates.

It is interesting how some people lose weight with stress and others increase their weight.  It all comes down to how the mind and nervous system interprets the incoming signals. The unconscious brain doesn’t know the different between external or internal danger it just acts to protect.

So to switch on the thin gene and keep it working we have to be able to get the message to the subconscious that we are safe, that there are no dangers that we need to protect ourselves from. That means we need to bring ourselves into this  ‘present moment’ and drop the anxiety of the past and the fear of the future, we need to develop pathways to feeling safe and peaceful.

This doesn’t work if you are just telling yourself to be that way. The unconscious mind will ignore you. To change your beliefs you need to go deep in the unconscious and start telling a different story to your  brain and nervous system.

This is where the many techniques of meditation, visualisation, yogic breathing and deep relaxation play an important role in staying thin and healthy.

When you meditate you are going to the core of what makes our body, emotions and mind, be the way they are.  In the beginning it is important to keep things simple.

When I work with a client there are 4 ways I use to help them experience the best that meditation has to offer.

They are:-

Relaxation techniques: Relaxation will begin the process of getting the body to feel safe, realign the  energies wasted in stress reactions and allow the mind to reach the Alpha brain wave pattern where  learning and creative dreaming is easily accomplished for deep letting go of stress anxiety etc

Ancient breathing techniques have been used for all types of healing including hormonal imbalances, blood pressure problems, weight issues and all types of fatigue. The Breathing exercises are specifically designed to balance the body’s energies and create a calmer, safer inner state of mind.

Visualisation tools are imperative in the creation of a healthy trim, positive body image, calmer motions and a peaceful quiet mind.

Mindfulness meditation this is a combination of the above 3 processes, where all 3 are used to bring your consciousness into an inner state of peaceful awareness allowing you to disconnect from the negative inner beliefs.

In stillness and quiet the negatives drop away and the light of happiness and love return.

If you would like to learn how to meditate and deeply relax Robert and Shauna Kendall will be offering a ½ day seminar at Cassia Wellness Clinic, on Sunday 21st February 2016 12:30- 5:30pm.

Fee is $50 includes Robert’s Relaxation CD (value $25)

Bookings are essential as space is limited;

For info or booking – contact Robert m: 0411 715 700 or Cassia Wellness Clinic 07 5522 0505

This is a relaxing afternoon that will give you an experience of what it feels like to meditate.

Spend an afternoon exploring the space between your ears and in your heart.

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