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Early detection of breast changes can save, not only your breasts, but your life.

BreastSmart uses Suretouch computerised breast imaging technology which has been developed in the USA over the last 10 years and is growing rapidly in use worldwide.

We provide women of ALL ages with a TGA  approved, reliable technique for a non-invasive, accurate and totally harmless breast examination.

There is NO harmful radiation, NO painful compression of the breast and NO soundwaves emitted.

The Suretouch technology is able to identify areas of dense tissue or lumps as it is four times more sensitive than human touch. The probe head contains approximately 200 highly sensitive pressure sensors recognising lumps and converting them to visible digital images in both 2D and 3D.

This technology is not confused by scars, dense breast tissue or implants and small breasts are easily scanned. It reliably finds hard masses and can scan areas around the breast not covered by mammograms.

During your approximately 30 minute appointment our technician, Katt,  will be provide you with useful information on breast health, answer all questions you have in regard to any findings or breast health generally and you will leave with a Breastmap of your own to assist in your regular Breast Self Examination.

Our goal is to improve women’s health by promoting breast awareness.

Be Breast Smart!

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