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Carolia Rossi


Dietician | Nutritionist

Carolina is a Registered Dietician/Nutritionist (APD/ND) with over 18 years experience in private practice within Australia and abroad.

With a Masters in Clinical Functional Nutrition her approach involves examining the core clinical imbalances that underlie a disease or condition – looking beyond signs and symptoms to a deeper understanding of functionality of everyone’s unique metabolism.

She also has a Post Graduate degree in Sports Nutrition. She participated in many important sports events around the world, including the Race Across America (RAAM) – one of the most respected and longest running ultra-endurance events in the world. Her job was to certify athletes were receiving optimum nutritional advice and supplements to achieve their best performance.

In addition to her degrees she is a qualified VLA and Fitgenes practitioner. She is constantly improving her skills set as a dietitian regularly attending seminars and national and international conferences.

Carolina provides nutritional advice for children, families, women during pregnancy, athletes and for people with specific conditions such as food allergies; digestive disorders such as coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance; diabetes, high blood pressure; high cholesterol; autoimmune conditions to mention more.

During your consultation, your menu plan, detox and supplementation program will be designed based on your body’s specific needs and unique nutritional requirements.

Carolina is also a public speaker. Her passion is for sharing and educating people on how to prevent and reverse disease using whole foods as medicine.