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Dr Karin Houriez

Karin Houriez

General Practitioner & Holistic Medical Practitioner

Dr Karin Houriez is a General Practitioner and holistic medical practitioner with a longstanding interest in overall health promotion. As we are all different, Karin believes in taking a personalized medical approach to treating the uniqueness of all of her patients. Her treatment ethos is to better understand the variables unique to the individual to glean the appropriate method of treatment. This fosters a healthy dialogue between Karin and her patients to ascertain the root cause(s) of chronic illness, which may include nutritional, lifestyle and/or psychological factors. Once this is clearly understood, this allows her to develop the optimal health outcome for her patients, utilizing evidence based general medicine and complementary medicine to achieve this.

Dr Karin has had a lifetime of genuine fascination and passion with nutrition prior to becoming a Doctor, and this philosophy is integrated into not only her own personal lifestyle, but as a successful component and cornerstone of treating many patients with an array of health challenges and issues.

After practicing at a rural clinic, her passion for finding solutions to complex medical issues took her to an extremely remote town in Western Australia, where she worked with Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS) for more than three years. During this time, she treated patients of all ages; the majority of whom had extremely complex and challenging health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Special interest clinics included antenatal care, chronic disease clinics, haemodialysis aged and palliative care. During her tenure at AMS, she promoted her perspective on a holistic approach; encouraging healthy living through a “back to the basics” philosophy, which proved to be very effective. Often times it is something as simple as adjusting your nutritional intake through a healthy diet, and engaging in regular exercise, which can give you the foundation for healthy living in a very short time.

She has since returned to the Gold Coast to rejoin with her family as well as joining the team at Cassia Wellness Clinic. Karin is warm and friendly, genuine and knowledgeable, and a wonderful communicator; You won’t feel confused by a lot of medical jargon, and her main focus will be on assisting you to better understand your health and how to be able to maintain it moving forward independently.

Dr Karin completed her fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She earned a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy. She also holds membership for ACNEM, RACGP, and AMA. Her passion for health and nutrition sees Karin continually striving to update her knowledge base by keeping abreast of recent scientific studies in both general medicine and complementary medicine.