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Dr Ruth Quinney

Ruth Quinney

Holistic Medical Practitioner

Dr Ruth Quinney is a NZ medical graduate (Otago 1981) with a postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine (1994).

She has 25 years of experience in General Practice ,with the last 12 years working as an integrative/holistic GP on the Gold Coast.

Her direct, down to earth, practical & often simple solutions approach is valued by her patients.

She is able to diagnose and successfully treat problems that mainstream/orthodox medicine has not satisfactorily addressed

Her preference is to prescribe nutritional supplements and/or herbal therapies instead of pharmaceuticals .

Dr Ruth can provide her patients with a blend of conventional medicine and alternative therapies, especially for those patients who are already on prescription drugs that shouldn’t be stopped.

For those patients who do not want or cannot tolerate pharmaceutical drugs, Dr Ruth’s proven & safe alternative nutrient therapies provides the solution.

Dr Ruth keeps up to date with continuing education, often 2-3 times a year, in the field of nutritional/alternative/complementary medicine .

Dr Ruth has special interests in providing alternative therapies for mood disorders, osteo-arthritis, hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, weight gain and autoimmunity .

She enjoys using epigenetic solutions to improve a person’s health ; that is applying the appropriate therapies to switch a person’s good genes on, and turn the bad genes off. (” Our genes do not have to be our destiny” )

She promotes increased wellness and improved happiness, as a person ages .

Dr Ruth sees women, men and children.